Greetings from Fr.Caesar !

I just knock at your door knowing that you have many other important issues and also it is hard to get assistance from people. When I see the suffering of the people I cannot but  request friends for support. This is indeed a just cause.  I would like to bring to your notice about the suffering of our people at Gutibari and Barahollong village, near Philobari area of Tinsukia District.

On 3rd November, 2020, a heavy storm with the heavy rain affected many villages near Philobari area of Tinsukia district. Especially the villages of Gutibari and Barahollong near Philobari region of Tinsukia district were badly affected. Gutibari and Barahollong.  In these two villages 26 houses  belonging to Adivasi tribals were destroyed and their property damaged. Most of their houses were made of simple bamboos and thatch. Today they just remain without a roof over their head.Many huge trees were uprooted and fell on the huts of our Adivasis. Many houses were totally blown off and destroyed. Even the paddy fields were not spared because of the heavy storm the crop is blown out and destroyed as it is just flowering. This is a great lost indeed and affects their food security.

Therefore, I request you to assist 26 families with  3 bundles of tins for their roof and four concrete pillars . Total help needed: about $3180