News From St. Joseph’s Welfare Center

The Director of the Center in Vellamadam always sends a monthly report to let our donors know how their donation are being used. Below are the latest Monthly reports.

Monthly Report -October 2018

Monthly Report -September 2018

August 2018

Saint Joseph’s Mission Fund Provides $3135 Grant to Start New Tailoring School

SJMF recently provided a $3135 grant to open a tailoring school for Adivasi young women. Under the tutelage of the Franciscan sisters, the young women learn tailoring so that they may return to their local village to open their own shop. This program encourages these young women to remain in their villages to earn an income, rather than be seduced by the rather dubious “employments” offered in the larger cities. A full Report can be found here. Report of the Assisi Tailoring School

Saint Joseph’s Mission Fund Receives $3500 Grant for the Adivasi People

Saint Joseph’s Mission Fund and the Adivasi people of Assam, India sincerely thank St. Marks Church in Vienna, VA for its generous grant, which provided roof tins, blankets and TB Education for the poor Adivasi people and bring them a step closer to escaping the cycle of poverty.  We also wish to acknowledge Robert Kelly for his diligence and hard work in securing the grant.

The Report from Fr. Caesar can be found here.

SJMF Officers and Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the St. Joseph’s Mission Fund Board of Directors was held on July 30, 2018. In 2017, total donations were $164,104, exceeding last year’s total of $158,951. Nonetheless, there is an abiding concern as donations are tapering off and donors are aging, with few new donors and a few donors providing the bulk of donations. Investment assets in Raymond James were transferred to Vanguard account. Investment assets are maintained for contingency of a drop in donors or donations. SJMF will contact Rose to inquire about her health and the orphanage. Rose’s advancing age and health may be a concern.  However, Irine Seelan has been her assistant for many years now and is effectively managing the Center. Robert Kelly provided a description of the conditions in India may need to conduct another physical visit in the future.

The current Board members are:  Peter Kilcullen President, John Ferman Treasurer and Secretary, Paul Ferman, Anne Mundell, and Michelle Czernia.  Paul Ferman continues as Editor of our Web page. Bob Kelly , although not a Director, continues as Manager of Fundraising Activities (see above). Holley Kilcullen continues as a volunteer in tracking donations.

Other Information

IRS Form 990 for the last 3 years and our 501(c)(3) ruling are linked below.

2017 Form 990

2016 990 Public

2015 Form 990

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