Our beloved Administrator, Rose had died on July 23, 2019. Fortunately, Rose has had a capable assistant in Irine Seelan for the past 9 years, as Rose had withdrawn from many of the operational aspects of the Center. We were aware of the gradual transition and are happy that Irine will be able to continue the work started by Fr. Joseph so many years ago. Irine Mary is 49 years old and started on January 10, 2010. She is assisted by Adrin, her son, with the IT work. She had been the Manager who takes care of all St Joseph’s projects like orphanage, elders, lepers, widows, self help groups. She takes care of banking and all administrative jobs. She is one in charge in the house and also a liaison to the government officials. She works round the clock for the welfare of the orphanage. She is proud to carry forward the legacy handed over to her with the blessings of Fr Joseph.

Also our Board Member and Grants Coordinator, Robert Kelly, died suddenly on August 2, 2019. He was such a generous force in obtaining donors, and spreading the word about our mission. We will miss him terribly. We also will be seeking new Board members as we continue the work started by Fr. Joseph.